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  • Uptown American Showroom Address

    With a warehouse full of the latest fashions plus a happy team of passionate workers, we strive everyday to go above and beyond for our shoppers. Our goal is to make sure that all of our packages are shipped quickly to your door so that you can enjoy our products as soon as possible.

    We offer both domestic and international shipping with great shipping rates. We hope that any time you spend talking with customer service is a positive and helpful experience. To us, the little things are important, so we make sure that each detail is perfect - from the moment you place your order, to packaging, shipping and receiving it.

    We have an amazing quality control team to make sure every step of your shopping experience is convenient. We care deeply about our customers and hope that you enjoy your experience shopping with us.


    711 West 17th St, Unit A1
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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